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About This Mod

Compact, unloaded sights are popular with WOT players. Few people want its screen to take up extra elements, and on weak computers often there is a fall in the FPS. If you are one of those people, the minimalist BedBoy site for World of Tanks is the right place for you.

In addition to minimalism, the site is characterized by interesting color combinations. All colors are very visible and do not blend with the surrounding environment. The aiming grid consists of only three aiming lines: two blue at the sides and a light point in the center. This combination goes very well with a green sight with a turquoise-blue marker in the center, which changes color depending on the penetration potential.

When the punching capacity is completely reduced, the "Reduced" marker warns, but this only works in sniper mode. Given the many benefits, fans of this sight will undoubtedly find it favorite. If this site does not suit you, look at another site of the same author, BadBoy78 - contrasting site for WOT.

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