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About This Mod

World of Tanks Taipan Scope is a work of art that combines functionality, beauty and simplicity. The indicators of loading, punching, health and drum are very beautiful. At first glance they seem cumbersome, but this impression is deceptive and quickly disappears after the first fight. The sight itself is transparent, from it the enemy is clearly visible.

 As you can see, both sniper and arcade sights are equipped with a small green square mark in the center. The sights are also equipped with useful information that constantly informs you of the probability that the bullet will penetrate a certain point of the enemy's armor.

WOT's Taipan range is also known as the artillery supersights, no less than the famous Damocles Sword gun. It is very practical and will be most useful to every self-respecting artilleryman.

The art site Taipan displays the following data

Splash - shows the radius of the splinter after it hits an enemy (it can be used to see if the splinter hits an enemy through and deals maximum damage. In addition, you can direct the burst circle to the right position to hit the enemy with a piece of shrapnel if he is hiding behind a stone and cannot be hit directly);

Circles for assessing the position after the projectile reaches the enemy (automatic speed prediction);

All of this is very useful;

If the sight still seems too big, we suggest you take a look at the TAIPAN 2 sight with a shot indicator from WOT version

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