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About This Mod

Many tankers are trying to set sights, which are played by famous players of the tank world. This led to requests for sights from Jov, Desertod, Kirill Oreshkin and others. This fate has not passed and ProTanki, and many are looking for ProTanki for World of Tanks His multipack is the second most popular collection of mods.

Yusha's sights are based on Deluxe's minimalistic sights, but are tailored to the requirements of top players, making them as useful and useful as possible. They take up less screen space and at the same time provide all the necessary information.

In addition, useful sensor information such as enemy armor thickness and bullet piercing ability can always be used to deal damage where necessary, with a high probability of success. 

There are no cool twists in Pro Tanki's Sight, everything is as simple as possible, but there is a huge potential in this simplicity. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of his tastes and preferences. For a more enjoyable game, the message that Ready had finished reloading was changed to Punish. Punish a random deer with this miracle spectacle.

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