WOT Version Lamp extension module "Sixth Sense"

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About This Mod


On our site there are several light bulb modifiers, one of which adds a narrative, the second increases the time of showing, and the third completely changes the appearance and feeling. In order to implement all these functions, it is necessary to install up to three modifiers and configure each of them. This is time-consuming and inconvenient.

So we decided to combine these modifiers into one so you don't have to wait for updates. As a result, we have a new cool MOD Light Bulb Sixth Sense Expansion for WOT This approach also reduces the likelihood of conflicts with other mods.

Light Bulb Extension MOD is a very powerful tool that allows you to set the following options

Light bulb display time in seconds

Brightness and transparency of the light bulb image;

You can paste it anywhere on the screen, move it to the damage panel or any other item on the battle screen, and it will always be displayed at the top;

The pixel size of the lamp can be set to any;

Replace the image of the light bulb with its own (SixthSenseSoundTimeIcon.png);

Adding a narrative to the light bulb;

Chat notification "I lit!" ;

All this works without XVM and does not affect the FPS of weak computers. Simply install MOD and you will be able to fully customize your Sixth Sense light bulb.

Fashion Settings:


Open the file using NotePad++ and make adjustments. The configuration file has friendly comments.

The modifier allows you to change the position of the light bulb directly in the game with the mouse. To do this, hold down the left CTRL key and move the light bulb or text box with the mouse. Position will be saved after moving

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