War in the hangar FM broadcast with graphical interface.

Category - Audio
Mod version:1.2.2
Game version:
The mod has been successfully tested for the absence of viruses

Report mod

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About This Mod

Mod Wargaming FM in a hangar with GUI for World of Tanks gives you the opportunity to listen to Wargaming FM radio in a hangar or in battle. You will have the option to increase or decrease the volume and have control over it. The MOD will be very useful, since WG FM often holds competitions, and also gives out gold codes for reports. In addition, there will be good enough music that will be a great help for your nagibators. In addition, the radio offers interesting interviews with various celebrities from the tank world.

WG FM Radio Control Keys:

  • on/off - F9/F10
  • - / + volume - F11/F12

Keyboard shortcuts can now be changed

Challenges and Solutions

Q: WG FM radio is not working.

A: If the FM radio does not work after installation, follow the steps below.

Please install the latest version of Flash Player.

If the Flash Player update does not resolve the issue, remove wgfm_cache.dat from the game's root directory.

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