P-MoD is a modifier that improves the gameplay in all respects.

Category - Mods for World of Tanks
Mod version:1.70.0
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About This Mod

P-MoD is a comprehensive MOD for WOT It aims to facilitate gameplay by introducing a number of additional features to aid in combat. It includes changes to the following combat interface elements

Fully customizable commander's camera

Fully adjustable sniper sight zoom (increase, distance and number of positions)

Disable sniper sight settings using shift keys and wheel (no scrolling required)

Eclipse Settings (On/Off)

Removal of camera and sight tremors

Save the last selected server

Ability to display the current zoom factor

Adjusting Zoom Sensitivity in Arcade and Art Mode

No longer remembers the last magnification factor used in sniper sights

Light bulb display time increased

Enable smooth camera scrolling in arcade mode

Old, customizable FOV

Adjust the camera distance from the tank at the beginning of the battle and after death

Session and day statistics

Manual brake on PT-SAU

Introduction to Disconnect

To connect or disconnect equipment at the touch of a button

Chat Filter

Popup Filter

Automatic weapons disassembly

All of this is beautifully documented in the configuration file, with clear notes in the standard settings and detailed settings for each mode in the advanced settings.


Not all modes are enabled by default! To enable a mode, you must read the P-mode configuration instructions below.P-MoD Configuration:


A single file is configured in _single.json.

To enable the module, you must change false to true.

Run statistics setup:

If you need good session or daily statistics, we recommend you to look at the World of Tanks session statistics page. When installing, simply copy the settings to the installed MOD.

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