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About This Mod

Tank drivers, you are ready for ProTanka Extended - the best collection of mods for ProTanka, as it is monitored and updated by the whole team of famous modders led by Yusha, this mod ProTanka Extended All multibody dysfunction and sights can work properly only in "ProTanka" works correctly. It is a unique multitude that allows you to install games and configure them for flying even on weak computers.

The ProTanki team rewrote all mods from scratch, removing unnecessary junk and optimizing them as much as possible. All this is done to minimize the effect of mods on the frame rate of the game.

The ProTanki mod pack contains all the most necessary mods. If you install a new update immediately after its release, you can be sure that all installed mods were maximally adapted to the new patch and minimized.

However, it is not possible to fix all the errors at once, but this is not a problem, because the multipack has a feature that automatically notifies you when a new update is released.

There are two versions of ProTanka fashion:

Base version - base version without statistics.

Full version - an advanced modification of ProTanks, which can include statistical information.

Ultra is a multipack version, all mods are included in the installer, there is no need to download them from the network. (Added because servers with mods can't load. (Many people had problems downloading mods from the network during the installation, which took a long time.)

Why is multipak the best collection of mods?

Available in English and Russian.

Prevents damage to the client and computer due to improper installation.

Prevents game client crashes when using Wot Tweaker.

Removes unwanted junk and old mods from the client.

Visual mode viewing (without "Cat in a bag").

The maximum number of mods that Setup can install

Several specialized solutions

Maximum FPS at any time

Big mods can be downloaded from the Internet

The ProTanki multipack for WOT is available below, which means that you can always get the latest version of the Pro Tanks modpack on this page.

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