OldSkools ProMod for World of Tanks.

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About This Mod

We present to your attention the new popular package of modifications OldSkools ProMod for World of Tanks This mod pack contains many of the most popular mods, as well as author's mods, which are necessary and useful for a comfortable game in World of Tanks. Here we have collected some of the most popular and popular mods.

OldSkools ProMod Installer is based on the .NET Framework 4.6, so it is compatible with almost all Windows platforms. Installation is fast and content-loading based. Larger servers provide users with exceptional stability, and Promod shortcuts let the user know before each game launch whether the version is up-to-date.

Most Promod multi-organ dysfunctions are encoded independently; every time Wargaming releases a new patch, we try to make sure that the installer can use most of the features immediately. We're also optimizing the mod so that users with weak computers don't lose a lot of frames while playing. The main feature of Promod is its ease of use for all users, but it also provides high performance. It is important that each user is not confused in unnecessary information, and tell in detail about the functionality of each mod using text and images. Our focus is on making sure that the mod is optimized and functioning well. That is why Promod is a mod pack that relies on quality, not quantity.

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Unfortunately, there are no Russian mods in the installer yet, but the authors of the modpack are working on their translation.

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