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Mod version:77.1
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About This Mod

Jove Mods is a collection of the most useful and necessary mods for the game World of Tanks. Here you will find a variety of sights, improved damage panels, lighting, aiming angles and more. To install this collection of mods, simply download the installer from our site, choose the most interesting mod for you and install it.

The only difference between the Extended Mod Pack and the x25 zoom is that it adds a statolenemer, and the other mods are identical to the base version. This is due to the fact that joe packs are published on the official portal and are supported by VG in various ways. But there is one condition for this. The modification package cannot be reindeer-sized, because the developers do not like it very much. As a result, the Jov mods expansion was released a few days after the release of the base version. But it is worth it.

After all, the team Jov put a lot of effort to make the mod pack as convenient and informative as possible in a small fall of FPS. Mod Pack will be an indispensable aid to all tank crews, helping them to survive and win the toughest battles. Once you've set the mod, you'll love it so much that you'll never want to leave it to play the game.

The World of Tanks mod collection by Jov adds many additional improvements and changes and better replaces the details of the game interface. You will get more information about your opponents than before. As usual, there is a bit of exclusive content in the collection, but not so much interesting, so be prepared!

Here is a complete list of multi-organ dysfunctions included in Jove Modpack

Work beyond the horizon.

A transparent eclipse in sniper mode.

Various damage panels

XVM and other smart mini-cards.

The lamp of the sixth sense + narration text.

Various voices

Utility Markers

Zoom Mode

Transparent camouflage leather and white tank bodies.

Eliminates fog and improves map visibility.

Session statistics

Wot Replays Manager - Program for working with reptiles.

WoT Tweaker is a program to improve FPS by disabling various effects.

Since the release of the update, more than 10 exclusive mods have been added to Jov's list of mods:

The best Armor Calculator at the moment, which takes into account the angle of inclination when hit by projectiles

Orientation of enemy barrels on mini-map

Contact lenses in bushes

Fixed white corpses on tanks and trucks

Improved 25-fold zoom for sniper sights

Three new sights

Two new xp on tank ears

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