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About This Mod

Amway921 is the second most popular water magician after Jov, and his mod packs have already been released.The Amway921 mod collection for World of Tanks consists only of mods played by Amway921 himself, not of trash. Indeed. As a result, it has become very popular also because it is not so many mods, as in Mod Jov, and do not need to choose which mods to put.

To make it easier for you to navigate mod packs in Amway921 Installer, it has ticks, pictures and descriptions - all to make it easier for you to choose the mod you want. You can also check the last item in the installer to get information about the release of new mods. Be sure to upgrade to the latest version, especially immediately after the release of the update, as the mod-pack releases a lot of updates to fix all the errors, see the video for more details about what is included in the mod-pack itself.

Contains the most popular and useful modifiers:

Practical carousel of tanks with various filters

Dynamic technical data of tanks in hangars

A useful site for Amway 921


Ability to disable some effects to increase FPS

Many other interesting and necessary modifications

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