Mod HP tanks in the ears in numbers without XVM for WOT

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About This Mod

Displaying XP opponents and allies is a very important piece of information in all popular games, and only in our favorite games do we need to add extra modifications to know the current strength of allies and enemy tanks. This is due to the fact that the knowledge of the remaining XP of your tanks allows you to properly assess the situation and make the only right decision.

For example, if the enemy breaks through on one side of the line and continues to defend on the other, the enemy will soon be behind you. Thanks to the module displaying the remaining enemy tank forces, you already know whether to wait for the enemy in a secluded place or pull him in the forehead and guard the shot enemy.

Previously, to add XP mapping to your ears, you had to download and install XVM WOT. This was not always convenient, as it reduced the FPS of weak machines, and not everyone wanted to install a whole bunch of modifiers on one machine. Now, thanks to our modifier creators, you can install the XP Tanks digital and ear modifier in WOT on your own, without using XVM.

After the tank appears and leaves the light within the range of the rendering circle, it remembers the remaining XPs of its allies and opponents. If the tank is illuminated but not in the render circle, the ???? symbol is displayed in front of the tank name ".

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