World of Tanks Account Manager Mode.

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About This Mod

Long ago, when this mod first appeared in Jov Mod, it eventually stopped adapting and so dusted in the dark corners of the official forums of the game. However, recently, a week or so, the famous modmaker Spoter decided to resurrect this mod and adapt it to the current patch. Many players dreamed of this fashion, and now it has become a reality!

The World of Tanks Version Account Manager mod is very useful for players who play tank games at home rather than alone, such as with a wife, mother-in-law, uncle, brother, sister, hamster or smart cat. With this mod, you don't have to re-enter your data every time. Our Account Manager remembers your login and password, as well as the servers on which you play regularly. In addition, the mod displays the number of gold and silver coins on the account.

Account Manager Controls

CTRL + B - opens the main window of the account manager;

CTRL + click on a record in the window - opens a window for editing the data of the saved record

ALT + click on the record in the window - delete data;

Important: If nothing happens after pressing CTRL + click or ALT + click, close the MOD window and open it again.

All MOD control is now done by clicking the appropriate buttons or captions; here are the new MOD screenshots.

MOD is not encrypted and can be edited, so you can view the code and keep it safe.

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