Animation of a 6 cm light bulb with narration text WOT

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About This Mod

You've probably seen a lot of the modified sixth sense light bulbs, and you've set them up yourself, but I'm sure you haven't seen anything like this before. The Narrated Light Bulb Sixth Sense animation modifier for WOT animates your static light bulbs and adds an annoying Narrated Sixth Sense. Now you will no longer miss the light bulbs in your tanks. It looks very cool and reserved. This mod is fully XVM compatible and can be used with or without XVM.

This mod is available in three styles:

Futures - futuristic timer with countdown 10 seconds;

Radar (4 variants) - radar with a 10-second timer;

Simon's cat - 10 seconds to show and then hide; and

The MOD "Animated Sixth Sense" is configured in the configuration file, it is recommended to use NotePad++ to open the configuration file. In the configuration file, you can set the following:

simon is the name of the photo gallery from which frames are extracted (the gallery itself can be found in WOTres_mods ㊦).

55 - the number of photo frames;

187 - Interframe delay;

-115 is the x coordinate of the ramp.

-90 - Y-coordinate of the lamp;

If you want to create your own animation, you can use CCAtlas to create atlases with images. Instructions for use are also available in the archive.

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