Odyssey is a real RPG

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About This Mod

Maud offers a consistent and immersive role-playing experience. By improving the gameplay, graphics and user interface, this compilation aims to turn Starfield into a true role-playing game.


Balanced difficulty (only enemy damage varies with difficulty).

Eliminated "sponges" for bullets (player's and enemy's health decreases with each level);

Combat AI has been greatly improved, becoming more responsive and intelligent;

Improved stealth gameplay, allowing players to sneak around properly without being too strong;

Jetpacks can now be used by pressing judas rusty, making them more useful;

User interface enhancements.

Instant activation of the main menu;

The responsiveness of all menus has been significantly improved.

Completely redesigned inventory and lute menus thanks to StarUI and StarUI HUD

All menus have become more compact and easy to navigate;


NewLUTs eliminate the blurred appearance in the base game;

Reshade, designed specifically for Odyssey, greatly improves the overall look of the game;

Improved textures for different objects and effects.

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