Improving stealth - Stealth Overhaul

Category - Gameplay for Starfield
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About This Mod

Starfield's mod redesigned some aspects of stealth gameplay and NPC detection, making it more gentle but not too easy. This may disable achievements (use this mod to avoid this).

After spending a lot of time testing a stealth game, the fashion writer concluded that most of the problems were due to the detection of sounds. The following changes were made to the system

The detection radius of the cone of vision NPC is decreased.

Reduced overall NPC detection based on player sound.

Reduced the sound the player makes when out of sight.

The player's sounds are reduced depending on the weight of the equipment (the weight of the equipment still plays a very important role in detecting sounds).

Reduced penalties for stealth when running.

Sleep NPC detection has been reduced.

Enemy detection in open areas is slightly reduced.

To customize the values to your liking, open the main mode text file and change the values to your liking, or remove the parts you don't want. To configure FoV, open the StarfieldCustom.ini file and adjust the values to your preference.

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