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Category - Gameplay for Starfield
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About This Mod

This mod makes various changes that the author uses in his own game.

Enemies now throw away all their gear when they die, rather than being able to throw away a few;

now you can own 20 ships at a time. I collected some unique ships and couldn't assemble them all;

registration of the ship now costs much less for all willing pirates. Now stealing ships will be really profitable;

bullet casings will lie on the floor for much longer, and they can be up to 200 pieces at one time to create the effect of immersing after a firefight (there is a version without this);

sellers stock up after 24 hours, so you can more easily sell all your dishonest earnings. I can't change the value of the money that sellers have to spend without the creation kit or other modding tools to which I don't have knowledge or access at the moment;

legendary enemies are now sleeping more often, twice as often on all difficulties, except the easiest, which is slightly more than double in complexity. Very Light 1, Light 1, Normal 2, Heavy 3, Very Heavy 4;

waiting and sleeping now happen faster, i can't do it faster than before without some strange behavior;

plants and animals now require only one scan to scan them completely.

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