Space stations for outposts

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About This Mod

Create an outpost.

Go to Miscellaneous and create the Space Station Control Site.

Navigate to it and approach the radar. There is a small terminal.

Click on the terminal and wait 1 second. Then click it again.

Read the message and click the Modify Space Station (Modify Space Station) button.

Now the newest ship you've received is your space station. Change it only. Don't change others.

Add at least 3 dockers (make sure they are standard "Docker"), recommended 5.

Get out of the station and save it as you do with the ship.

Go into space and dock to the station.

Some things can still be glittering, like sometimes not being able to dock. Just add more standard dockers until it works. According to the author, he needed to build 3 dockers for the normal operation of the station. Also try to fly around the station. Sometimes it's a little glitzy and you need to be very close to the docker to be able to dock.

One solution that might work for some is to issue this console command:

setgs fSpaceshipMaxDockingDistance 1000

This increases the docking distance to 1000 meters and may help alleviate some docking problems.

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