Iron spoon

Category - Mods for Minecraft
Mod version:1
Game version:1.20.1
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About This Mod

Iron Sponer offers several variations of the sponer available in the vanilla game. Vanilla spawners can now be broken with a touch of silk and improved with one of the vanilla resources, such as iron or nesserite. To use a spinner, you must place an egg summoning.

This change does not add a way to craft or extract the egg call mobs.

To improve the spavner, place it on the craft grid and surround it with material for improvement. All other upgrades except nitrate require a blacksmith's table.

Types of spavner upgrades

Iron: 3 gangs every 30 seconds.

Gold: Produces 3 mobs every 20 seconds.

Emerald: Produces 3 mobs every 15 seconds.

Diamond: Produces four mobs every 10 seconds.

Netherlight: Produces 5 mobs every 4 seconds.

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