Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) - thousands of random possibilities

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Game version:1.20.2
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About This Mod

The Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) adds just one block to Minecraft and gives you more than 100 possibilities. All you have to do is get a Lucky Block, cross your fingers and hope it drops the item you want. But in the new version you can count on more than just items. The Lucky Block mod can create animals, monsters, other creatures and even buildings. From giants to fireworks, from sticks to diamonds, Lucky Block will give you an exciting experience with every drop.

Gold Think about the fact that you don't really need it that much. There is no point in spending gold on tools, swords and armor. All you need is to look at the sun, how many hours do you need? If you need gold to make potions, you need one gold bar, and you already have nine.

Don't you wish you could use the gold bar for something better? Or would you like to trade your gold bar for something else?

There is now a block worth mining for gold. It's called the "Lucky Block" and can be crafted using four gold bars and a dropper. When you mine this block, you have the same chance of dropping items or spawning creatures and buildings.


Luck level.

Lucky blocks receive different "luck levels" when placed on a crafting table along with certain items.

The "luck" of a lucky block is displayed as a bar from 0 to 100.

The higher luck level, the more likely it is that a lucky block will give you something good.

The luck level can be negative - from 0 to -100. If the luck level is negative, then the block is unlucky.< /p>

There are three luck blocks in the Creative Inventory: one regular, one with a luck level of 80 and one -80.

Only luck blocks with a luck level of 0 can be stacked.

A list of items that affect the level of luck can be found in the "Craft" section.


Luck blocks can now be generated inside custom structures.

Currently, this is the quartz structure of the "Greek Temple", as well as the remains of the "Storm Brick" and "Nezarak".

The luck level of the luck blocks in the temple ranges from 50 to 100, and the luck level of the debris from -50 to -100.

By default, the chance of a lucky block appearing on its own or in a structure is 50/50.

The luck level of one lucky block is -20 to 20 .

Spawn frequency returns to 1 in 200 per chunk.


100 new drops.

Temple with 8 luck blocks (rare).

2 blocks of luck; one successful, the other unsuccessful. Choose wisely.

Many types of fish with fishing rods.

Village people riding a bunch of pigs.


Pointless stupid messages about mortal danger and mushrooms.

Other features.

Three types of wells. Throw coins at them and try to see which one comes out.

Three merchant villagers. They can offer you lucky tools, armor and weapons at a discount.

Giant Slime! Higher than a tree! Sometimes even magma cubes.

Luck potions with random positive effects.

Unlucky potions with random negative effects.

Tamed wolf, different colored collar.

Tamed cat.

Agast Ghast.

The witch in the cloud of bats.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers.

A pack of magical books.

Useless, appropriate and, I hope, humorous jokes.


Throws away a wide variety of objects.

Spawns mobs .

Spawns other creatures (such as fireworks).

Build structures (what’s up there?)

description_3 Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) - thousands of random possibilities

Make wishes and insert coins

description_4 Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) - thousands of random possibilities

Unique wolves with collars of different colors!

You didn't know that wolves could grow so big?

description_6 Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) - thousands of random possibilities
description_7 Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) - thousands of random possibilities
description_11 Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) - thousands of random possibilities
description_12 Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) - thousands of random possibilities
description_15 Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) - thousands of random possibilities
description_19 Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) - thousands of random possibilities
description_23 Lucky Block Mod (1.20.2) - thousands of random possibilities

Crafting recipes.

It is recommended to install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to see all the recipes included in this mod.

This is the default luck block. Some items allow you to change the amount of luck. In general, items of higher value, such as diamonds and emeralds, increase the amount of luck, and items of lower value, such as spider eyes, reduce the amount of luck in the block.

The above block items significantly increase the luck value of a block. The higher the luck value, the higher the chance of getting a better item drop. The lower the luck value, the more likely it is that a bad drop will occur or a death trap will appear instead. Luck values range from -100 (unlucky) to 0 (average) to 100 (very lucky).

List of items that can change the luck value of a block:

Any of the following blocks can be added to a luck block to make it luckier


Diamond: 12

Diamond block: 1,000,000

Emerald block: 80

Gold bars 6

Gold Ingots 60

Iron Ingots 3

Iron Blocks 30

Enchanted Golden Apples 40

Enchanted Golden Apple: 100

p>Nether Star: 100

One of the following items can be added to the luck block to make it more unlucky

Rotten Flesh: -5

Spider Eye: -10

Fermented Spider Eye: -20

Poisoned Potato: -10

Burdock Fish: -20

Block Luck Value unknown until it is in your inventory. So if you place your blocks strategically, you'll have new ways to troll your friends and play fun mini-games.

Spontaneous Generation:

Lucky blocks can be found in quartz or non-mirror structures . If a block is found in a netherak structure, its luck is between -50 and -100; if a block is found in a quartz structure, its luck is between 50 and 100.

These structures appear in random locations and buildings in the overworld. These drops can be beneficial or harmful for some structures. If there are no structures, the luck value of the luck block will be zero. Thus, useful items may fall out or dangerous situations may arise.


The list of dropped items is extensive and constantly changing. Most often, valuable items (iron, emeralds, diamonds) that are enchanted drop out luck sets (armor, tools, weapons), mobs (rainbow sheep, giants, spiders), buildings (luck block pyramid, water death trap, stained glass tower and Lucky Block Wishing Well), explosions and lava pits.

Other craft recipes.

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