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Game version:1.20.40
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About This Mod

We all wanted to be Captain America or the Hulk, and with Iron Man 2 fashion, you can make those dreams come true and become Iron Man, one of the superheroes! You'll be able to fly and shoot like Tony Stark in his battle suit.

Costume Portal

  • It is used to obtain weapons and costumes

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Vibranium ingot

  • Used to craft weapons and armor
    description_3 Mod: Iron Man 2

Arc reactor

  • Allows you to give energy to the entire suit
    description_4 Mod: Iron Man 2

Suit and equipment

description_5 Mod: Iron Man 2
description_6 Mod: Iron Man 2


  • Bounce and squat for takeoff
  • Eliters are replaced by Iron Man's wings
  • You can squat to lower the altitude
  • To cancel the flight you need to press the jump button

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Firearm glove

  • Massive explosion and damage
  • You need to be on the ground and press the squat button
    description_10 Mod: Iron Man 2
    description_11 Mod: Iron Man 2


  • 60 rounds
  • Shooting every 0.1 seconds
  • To recharge you need to put the store in your left hand, press the squat and interact
    description_12 Mod: Iron Man 2
    description_13 Mod: Iron Man 2

Missile Glove

  • You have to have a rocket in your left hand to shoot
    description_14 Mod: Iron Man 2
    description_15 Mod: Iron Man 2

Flamethrower Mark1

  • Used only with Mark1 armor

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description_16 Mod: Iron Man 2
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description_18 Mod: Iron Man 2


  • Used to recharge a flamethrower
  • Use squats and interaction
    description_19 Mod: Iron Man 2

Mingan Fighting Vehicle

  • Used only with armor Fighting vehicle and 300-round magazine
    description_20 Mod: Iron Man 2


  • Protection: 10 units
  • Mini guns don't work
  • There's a flamethrower


  • Protection: 12 units
  • Drop Resistance: 0.3


  • Protection: 15 units
  • Drop Resistance: 0.4


  • Protection: 16 units
  • Drop Resistance: 0.5


  • Protection: 14 units
  • Mini guns don't work


  • Protection: 17 units


  • Protection: 18 units

Marc1 Fighting Vehicle

  • Protection: 15 units
  • The minigans work

Live armor

  • Armor from Mark 13 to Mark 62 will be able to move independently
  • The armor behaves like tame mobs
  • Microchip used to tame
  • To turn the armor back into a non-living object, one must interact when squatting

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description_23 Mod: Iron Man 2

Armor stands

description_24 Mod: Iron Man 2

Pneumatic hammers

  • Break blocks quickly
    description_25 Mod: Iron Man 2

Retractable blade made of vibration

  • Breaks blocks quickly
    description_26 Mod: Iron Man 2

Energy Beam Gloves

  • Shoots a beam passing through the creatures
    description_27 Mod: Iron Man 2

Reactor beam

  • Huge explosion
    description_28 Mod: Iron Man 2

Hovering system

  • Gives an object that allows soaring in the air

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