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Game version:1.20.1
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About This Mod

Recovering health during combat can be very difficult. That's why the Ambulance fashion brings a new way of restoring health to the game. Maud adds four items to restore health: bandages, medications, strong drugs and first aid kits. Each item is suitable for different situations.

Bandages will fit when there is little time to sit and heal. They are cheap but take time to use.

Drugs and strong drugs can be used in the midst of a fight. Medicines are expensive, but restore health very quickly.

First aid kits are a universal item. It restores health very quickly and maintains regeneration for some time, but it is the most expensive item in fashion.

Patches quickly restore a small amount of health. Suitable if you need to quickly heal minor wounds in battle.

After drinking this medicine, you get a new effect called "Deferred Healing". When the timer expires, health is restored. If you drink a pill just before the fight, strength is restored after a while.

The adrenaline charge has the effect of "Adrenaline". This effect gives positive effects depending on your physical strength. The lower the physical strength, the stronger the effect.

Mint activates the "mint effect" when smoking. This effect protects against nausea, intoxication, dryness and collapse.

The mint medicine has a "mint effect". This effect can protect against most negative effects

Protein bars provide a "satiety effect". This effect protects you from the effects of hunger and gradually relieves feelings of hunger.

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