Mod: Witch of Souls (boss)

Category - Weapons
Mod version:1
Game version:1.20.30
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About This Mod

The world of Minecraft doesn't seem scary enough to you? If so, there is a great way to make this block world even more nightmarish: with Soul Witch Boss fashion the world will be filled not only with creepy ghosts, but also the main boss - Witch Soul.


  • Spawn: forests at night
  • Impose weakness
  • Pass through walls
  • Drop: Ectoplasm
    description_0 Mod: Witch of Souls (boss)

Eyes of ectoplasm

  • Gives invisibility, speed, and a slow fall, but sends the player high into the air
    description_1 Mod: Witch of Souls (boss)

Stunning whistle

  • Slows down enemies
    description_2 Mod: Witch of Souls (boss)
    description_3 Mod: Witch of Souls (boss)

Ghost Blocks

  • You only have to break with the Silk Touch tool
    description_4 Mod: Witch of Souls (boss)
    description_5 Mod: Witch of Souls (boss)

The lure of malice

  • Gathers souls for the Witch's Spawn Souls
    description_6 Mod: Witch of Souls (boss)

Witch's Soul

  • Health: 400
  • Immunity to most damage
  • Multiple Abilities: Creates clones, teleports, summons minions, and fires projectiles
  • There is an enchanted book and 1 of 3 unique weapons:
  • Scepter of Souls: Allows you to summon your own spirits
  • Shower Crusher: Exhausts mobs and makes the player invisible
  • Tom Shower: Shooting Sound or Fireballs
    description_7 Mod: Witch of Souls (boss)
    description_8 Mod: Witch of Souls (boss)

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