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Game version:1.19
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About This Mod

The author spent a lot of time and effort on the development of fashion Tinker's Legacy, but it was worth it. Hundreds of hours of work, most of which went to testing, allowed each user to obtain more than 400 new weapons. A fully developed and fully working weapon is waiting for users on Minecraft PE.

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Game Guide

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    description_1 Mod: Weapon Crafting

The add-on includes a bunch of new items from wood, iron, stone, diamond, gold, obsidian, emerald, and even a ruby.

A wide range of objects contains both light and extremely fast dagger tools and massive axes for crushing skulls.

The author has been working with add-ons for a long time, so he often relies on community input for his development work. In this creation, the creator has simplified craft recipes, making it easy for players to get the items they want.

Drawings are used to craft all items of the supplement.

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And all weapons will be created in a workbench for weapons.

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description_5 Mod: Weapon Crafting


  • Can store up to three strokes of arrows
  • Works in inventory or bib slot
  • To work, you need to have at least 2 arrows in inventory
  • Arrows load into quiver automatically
  • Does not work with effects arrows
    description_6 Mod: Weapon Crafting

  • Cobalt: Rarely appears between levels -64 and 32. It is better to look in the Lower World
  • Lead: appears in clusters between -32 and 48 levels, with one or more raw elements being mined
  • Rubin: Appears at great depths in the mesa and mountains
  • Silver: Rarely appears above -32 levels, higher frequencies: -32 and 48.
  • Tin: appears between -16 and 80 levels, with several raw materials being mined
    description_7 Mod: Weapon Crafting

Some weapons are immediately enchanted.

description_8 Mod: Weapon Crafting

Classic recipes have also been modified to be created using drawings. Leather materials are not used.

description_9 Mod: Weapon Crafting

Alloy drawings are created from multiple drawings, using all but one. Alloys have improved characteristics, unlike other materials.

description_10 Mod: Weapon Crafting

Alloys are created by grinding materials and combining in a smelting furnace.

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description_12 Mod: Weapon Crafting

The ingots can be converted into nuggets and vice versa.

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description_14 Mod: Weapon Crafting

Recipes with nuggets require half as many materials.

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description_16 Mod: Weapon Crafting

Diamonds, emeralds, obsidian, and rubies can now be turned into fragments.

description_17 Mod: Weapon Crafting

Kraft shirt

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description_19 Mod: Weapon Crafting
description_20 Mod: Weapon Crafting
description_21 Mod: Weapon Crafting
description_22 Mod: Weapon Crafting

Piglin can appear with enhanced weapons.

description_23 Mod: Weapon Crafting
description_24 Mod: Weapon Crafting

The Dragon of the Edge has a new drop.

description_25 Mod: Weapon Crafting

You must enable Experimental Gameplay in the map settings

Changes in the new version

  • Compatible with 1.20.40
  • Fixed weapon damage
  • Weapons Behavior Change
  • Added particles

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