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Game version:1.20.40
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About This Mod

Minecraft PE has many swords, but not many kinds of bows. The bows are distinguished only by their hull. To solve this problem will help mod New Bows, which adds new types of long-range weapons. Each weapon has a unique ability.

The supplement contains several variants of bows. All are available in creative inventory.

Bow Workbench

  • Bows and arrows are made here
    description_0 Mod: New types of bows
    description_1 Mod: New types of bows

Long bow

  • Shoots two arrows at the same time
    description_2 Mod: New types of bows

Magnetic bow

  • Blows everything within a radius of 12 meters where the arrow hit
    description_3 Mod: New types of bows
    description_4 Mod: New types of bows

Spider onion

  • Sends into a spider trap
    description_5 Mod: New types of bows

Shalker's bow

  • Imposes levitation on the enemy
    description_6 Mod: New types of bows
    description_7 Mod: New types of bows

Miner's bow

  • Destroys area 3 by 3 blocks at the hit point, including the bedrock and blocks from other additions
    description_8 Mod: New types of bows
    description_9 Mod: New types of bows

Health Bow

  • Regenerates pets or the player at the hit point
    description_10 Mod: New types of bows
    description_11 Mod: New types of bows

Ice onion

  • Creates an ice trap
    description_12 Mod: New types of bows
    description_13 Mod: New types of bows

Glowing bow

  • Illuminates the hit point and also glows slightly in the hand
    description_14 Mod: New types of bows
    description_15 Mod: New types of bows

Blast bow

  • Explodes at hit point
    description_16 Mod: New types of bows
    description_17 Mod: New types of bows

Bow Of The Edges

  • Teleports the player to an arrow hit location
    description_18 Mod: New types of bows
    description_19 Mod: New types of bows

Euphritus onion

  • Burns area 3 by 3 blocks on hit
    description_20 Mod: New types of bows
    description_21 Mod: New types of bows

Bow drying agent

  • Blinds any mob, even the player
    description_22 Mod: New types of bows
    description_23 Mod: New types of bows

Stone onion

  • 2 points more damage than a normal bow
    description_24 Mod: New types of bows
    description_25 Mod: New types of bows

Iron bow

  • 4 points more damage than normal bow
    description_26 Mod: New types of bows
    description_27 Mod: New types of bows

Redstone Bow

  • 3 points more damage than normal bow
    description_28 Mod: New types of bows
    description_29 Mod: New types of bows

Lazuritic bow

  • 3 points more damage than normal bow
    description_30 Mod: New types of bows
    description_31 Mod: New types of bows

Golden onion

  • 2 points more damage than a normal bow
    description_32 Mod: New types of bows
    description_33 Mod: New types of bows

Diamond onion

  • 5 points more damage than a normal bow
    description_34 Mod: New types of bows
    description_35 Mod: New types of bows

Mucous onion

  • Slows down by 10 seconds
    description_36 Mod: New types of bows
    description_37 Mod: New types of bows

Sponge bow

  • No information
    description_38 Mod: New types of bows
    description_39 Mod: New types of bows


  • Turns the mob into a children's version of the mob itself (does not work for creepers, spiders, and so on)
    description_40 Mod: New types of bows

Bow and arrow of lightning

  • Creates a powerful ray that can kill everyone
    description_41 Mod: New types of bows

Drop Bow

  • Throws away enemies and deals a lot of damage
    description_42 Mod: New types of bows

Obtaining bows

  • To get the last 4 bows you need to go to the archer in the village
    description_43 Mod: New types of bows


Don't forget to turn on Experimental options in the map settings

Changes in the new version

  • Corrected errors
  • Changed the method of operation of commands
  • Compatible with new versions of the game

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