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Game version:1.19.80
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About This Mod

Megumin is one of the characters in the manga Konosuba. The character has the ability to blast anything, so the author decided to transfer this skill to Minecraft using Megumin's Explosion Skill fashion. Players can use Megumin's wand. This wand cannot be used in survival mode, only in creative mode.

In order to create a blast, the player must pick up a staff. Use /give to get an item, or use the creative mode to get an item. After use for 4 seconds, the explosion will form. To see the explosion, you need to switch to the 3rd person camera. In this case, the player will hear the special phrases of the character from the anime and manga.

description_0 Mod: Megumin Explosion Skill

The explosion creates a giant crater and deals heaps of damage not only to all creatures, but also to the player himself. So be careful when using the ability.

description_1 Mod: Megumin Explosion Skill

Don't forget to turn on Experimental options in the map settings

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