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About This Mod

Mystic Weapons is a collection of different weapons from Minecraft, each with their own magical abilities. There are three types: sticks, swords and axes. The strength and ability of a weapon depends on the materials and stones from which it is made. Below you will find new items, rocks and weapons, as well as ways to obtain them.

Natural stones

Unique items for craft of natural weapons. They are extremely expensive and rare: to get it you will have to turn to a traveling merchant, kill a bunch of monsters or visit rare structures. In the chests of the village or others to find magic stones will not work.

description_0 Mod: Mystical weapon

Color of stones

  • The ground is brown
  • Fire is red
  • Water - Blue
  • Ice - blue-green
  • Wind is green
  • Lightning - Magenta
  • Light - white
  • Darkness - Black

Each weapon received seven variants, one for each type of stone. Stones can be broken into 9 pieces.

Trigger Abilities

All weapons and armor have abilities: passive and active.


  • It is triggered automatically when attacked with swords or battle axes
  • Given to the player when wearing full armor


  • Right-click or hold
  • Have recharges


  • Staff - a powerful magical ranged weapon capable of creating supernatural things
  • From the minuses of the staff: reloading time and low strength
  • The Staff can be enchanted for strength

Recruit Staff

  • Summon a claw that deals damage within 10 blocks and slows by 7 seconds
  • Recharge: 7 seconds
  • Strength: 50 units
    description_1 Mod: Mystical weapon

Wand of Fire

  • Shoots a fireball, setting all the mobs around and the block itself on fire
  • Recharging time: 0.5 seconds
  • Strength: 50 units
    description_2 Mod: Mystical weapon

Wand Cleaner

  • Completely clears the negative effects
  • Recharging time: 25 seconds
  • Strength: 50 units
    description_3 Mod: Mystical weapon

Thawed scepter

  • Freezes all nearby creatures within 10 radius and slows them down by 12 seconds. The ice will break down in eight seconds.
  • Recharge: 10 seconds
  • Strength: 50 units
    description_4 Mod: Mystical weapon

Storm Staff

  • Raises all creatures within a radius of 10 blocks into the air. After the fall of the mob, take damage
  • Recharge: 7 seconds
  • Strength: 50 units
    description_5 Mod: Mystical weapon

Lighting Scepter

  • Summon lightning to enemies within a radius of 10 blocks. If the mob is close to the player, the lightning will not affect it
  • Recharge: 7 seconds
  • Strength: 50 units
    description_6 Mod: Mystical weapon

Teleportation Staff

  • Shoots the edge's pearl and teleports the player to the landing site. Blinds all creatures within a 5-block radius at the point of impact
  • Recharging time: 3 seconds
  • Strength: 50 units
    description_7 Mod: Mystical weapon

Necromancy Staff

  • Summons 4 undead that attack all in a row
  • Recharging time: 15 seconds
  • Strength: 60 units
  • Undead Characteristics
  • Blindness applied
  • If the staff is not held, even the player is attacked by the undead
  • Do not attack a player in shadow armor
  • Faster zombies, but don't burn in the sun
  • Don't drop anything
  • They are spawned only with the help of a staff
  • description_8 Mod: Mystical weapon


  • Mystical swords are melee weapons that cause great damage. Each time the sword attacks, it performs special abilities that will help the user
  • Enchanted by any spell for swords
  • Craft recipes do not differ from classical ones
    description_9 Mod: Mystical weapon

The Sword of Cataclysm

  • Explodes and sets fire to the area of impact
  • Damage: 8 Units
  • Strength: 145 units
    description_10 Mod: Mystical weapon

Burning Sword

  • Burns the enemy, even through protection from fire
  • Creates a horizontal line of fire
  • Damage: 9 Units
  • Strength: 150 units
    description_11 Mod: Mystical weapon

Split Blade

  • With 30% chance, slow down the enemy
  • Places a temporary ice wall in front of the user to protect themselves from any incoming projectiles and block enemies on the way
  • Damage: 8 Units
  • Strength: 115 units
  • Recharging time: 3 seconds

Scarlet blade

  • Low strength, high damage and ability to heal by hitting enemies
  • Vampirism: 4 units
  • Damage: 12
  • Strength: 70 units
    description_12 Mod: Mystical weapon

Crusader Yatagan

  • Raises the enemy into the air and deals damage when it falls. Gives the player an increased jump
  • Damage: 9 Units
  • Strength: 150 units
    description_13 Mod: Mystical weapon

Sword of Light

  • Deals lightning to the enemy, and the user is given immunity to fire for a short period
  • Damage: 8 Units
  • Strength: 140 units

The Sword of Cataclysm

  • Destroys blocks and sets fire to terrain
  • Damage: 8 Units
  • Strength: 145 units
    description_14 Mod: Mystical weapon

Blade of Flicker

  • Instantly teleports to 6 blocks
  • Damage: 9 Units
  • Recharging time: 3 seconds
  • Strength: 140 units
    description_15 Mod: Mystical weapon

Battle axes

  • A battle ax deals more damage than swords and has greater strength but weaker abilities
  • You can enchant with any kind of enchantment on axes
  • Recipes are similar to the classic ones
    description_16 Mod: Mystical weapon

Poisonous ax

  • Damage: 11
  • Strength: 250 units
  • Effect: Poison
  • Effect Level: 2
  • Effect duration: 8 seconds
    description_17 Mod: Mystical weapon

Deadly Ax

  • Gives speed and makes you move much faster
  • Damage: 10 Units
  • Strength: 250 units
  • Effect: Blindness
  • Effect duration: 10 seconds
    description_18 Mod: Mystical weapon

Frozen Ax

  • Slows down the player, but so does the others
  • Damage: 10 Units
  • Strength: 250 units
  • Effect: Slow 4
  • Effect duration: 3 seconds

Crescent ax

  • Damage: 10 Units
  • Strength: 250 units
  • Effect: Night vision
  • Effect duration: 10 seconds
    description_19 Mod: Mystical weapon

Azure Ax

  • Damage: 10 Units
  • Strength: 250 units
  • Effect: Mining Fatigue
  • Effect Level: 2
  • Effect duration: 8 seconds
    description_20 Mod: Mystical weapon

Ax of Gravity

  • Damage: 11
  • Strength: 250 units
  • Effect: Levitation
  • Effect Level: 5
  • Effect duration: 2 seconds
    description_21 Mod: Mystical weapon

Cursed Bloody Ax

  • Damage: 10 Units
  • Strength: 250 units
  • Effect: Drying
  • Effect Level: 2
  • Effect duration: 7 seconds
    description_22 Mod: Mystical weapon

Blind Edge

  • Damage: 11
  • Strength: 250 units
  • Effect: Blindness
  • Effect duration: 3 seconds
    description_22 Mod: Mystical weapon

All items can be repaired in the forge. Each unit loses 1 point of strength when used, and repairs are replaced by 50 points.

Mystic armor

Protective gear with different effects if the player wears full armor. They can be charmed.

  • Obstacle Armor (ground): Gives resistance effect
  • Fire armor (fire): gives the effect of fire resistance
  • Sea armor (water): gives the effect of sea force (only in water)
  • Light armor (wind): gives the effect of a slow fall
  • Divine Armor (Light): Gives the effect of night vision, with a 30% chance the attacker teleports away
  • The Armor of Bloodlust (Lightning): Gives the effect of strength and speed
  • Ice Armor (Ice): Gives the ability to ice but does not break the ice
  • Shadow Armor (Darkness): The player becomes invisible while crouching
    description_24 Mod: Mystical weapon


  • Repair will require a stone or fragments of the appropriate type
  • Shard restores 15% strength
  • Stone restores 70% of its strength
  • You can also connect two weapons of different strengths to repair them

Where to look for stones?

  • You can buy from a traveling merchant for 12 emeralds. Available 2 types of stones up to 4 units
  • Land - abandoned mines, pyramids, forest mansion (low odds)
  • Fire - Lower World Bridge (high odds), fortress library (high odds), destroyed portal (very high odds)
  • Water - sunken treasure (100%), sunken ship (high odds), needle, fishing (low odds)
  • Wind - the city of Kraja (100%)
  • Lightning - outpost of robbers, gift of cat (average odds)
  • Light - City of Kraja (100%), outpost of robbers
  • Darkness - Phantom (100%), Pyramid, Cat Gift, Enderman
  • Random stones - 100% chance: mob spawner, dryer

Don't forget to enable Experimental Options in the map settings

Changes in the new version

  • Corrected errors

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