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Category - Weapons
Mod version:1
Game version:1.20.10
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About This Mod

Magic is everywhere. Better yet, install Magical Warfare fashion and don't try to see things that don't exist - in Minecraft you will see many of the most real magical and magical abilities that you have.

Immediately after the spawn, you will find yourself in a structure with the NTC, which will issue the first spells.

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Types of magic

Soul Magic

  • Passive Ability: Soul Essence
  • Attack: soul shooting
  • Soul Switching
  • Invocation of the Undead
  • Creeper's head
  • The Guardian's Riot

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The Magic of Cold

  • Passive power: cold atmosphere
  • Attack: Glacial shot
  • Freeze
  • Volley of Ice Balls
  • Ice compress
  • Ice Rain

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The Magic of Destruction

  • Passive Ability: Strong Leather
  • Attack: Lv1 Bomb
  • Lv2 bomb
  • Rain of fireworks
  • Dynamites
  • TNT Wall

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Mana Menu

  • After the magic is cast, items that cannot be discarded or destroyed even after death will appear
  • It's always safe in the structure on the spawn
  • You can increase your mana level on the beacon platform, but you need to collect mana essences
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Transparent mobs

  • Zombies
  • Skeleton
  • Kriper
  • Spider

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New Magic Items

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Changes in the new version

  • Added Blood Magic
  • Ghost Added

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