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Category - Programs for Fallout 4
Mod version:1.0.13
Game version:1
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About This Mod

esp is the only 2 that knows how to install and modify resources. He is not a change manager.

The program is a very simple change manager, but currently has good functions.

It allows you to manage esp files and download resource changes.For example, recreate a texture, sound, or something else.Usage:

Use the Install button to edit and select esp or archive and follow the program's recommendations. Mods can be installed and removed, but given the number of new mods in Fallout 4, this is a very necessary feature.


When you close the Change Manager or start the game, the file is loaded into the plugin.txt and DLCList.The txt parameter is read-only.

Mode Solver

In this window, select the file (you can drag it), make sure the structure is correct, and then load it.

A folder named Mods appears in the data folder in Fallout 4, containing several txt files. Do not remove it, it is necessary for the program to work.

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