Auto shadow drawing

Mod version:v1.1.30.0
Game version:1
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About This Mod

This plugin for Fallout 4 lets you dynamically control how far shadows are drawn, depending on the number of frames per second you want.

Many of you may have noticed that in certain locations Fallout 4 fps is significantly reduced even on good hardware. This happens in cities, for example, or in places where there are many different objects. Since the game is not properly optimized, almost all rendering operations take longer than they should. One of the hardest things in Fallout 4 is shadow painting, and because we can only set one value for this parameter, performance in places with many objects can be seriously degraded.

And that's exactly where this plugin can help. You set the desired number of FPS and, if the game frames per second is less, it starts to reduce the draw distance to increase them and try to get closer to the specified value.

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