Control building level (Industries)

Category - Mods for Cities: Skylines
Mod version:v0.5
Game version:All
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About This Mod

Please unregister the old modifier before purchasing this modifier!

This modifier allows you to control the development of your city, preventing buildings from improving until they reach a certain level. Simply select the building you want to develop and click on one of the upward lanes of progress, and the building will not exceed the selected locked level. If the level you select is lower than the actual level, it will be aligned after some time.

How does this differ from the Create History check box in the game?

Generally speaking, "Making History" is the best option. This is due to the fact that it allows for the upgrading of buildings without replacing them, which is important for the growth of the city.

The modifier captures the wealth level of the building, so your home will be inhabited by people of "low level". Another difference is that you can label entire neighborhoods as "historic."

We recommend that you use the Create History option in the game.

Version 0.5.1: Updated for industrial use

Version 0.5: Updated for park life

Version 0.4: added support for districts.

* Click on the area to set lockdown levels for residential, commercial, industrial and office buildings.

* You can now distinguish between zone lockout levels (red symbols) and individual building lockout levels (white as before).

* After setting a district level, which applies to all buildings of the same type in the area, you can still set a specific lockdown level for individual buildings, which will always have a higher priority than the district level.

* Setting the district level does not remove the lock level of an existing building.

* If you remove a building block level, it is assigned a district block level (if it is already set for that building type).

* The lock symbol has been changed from "#" to "x".

* Watch the new video!

Version 0.3: Debug information removed.

Version 0.2: The first version of this module had an error. Some code was not initialized correctly, so MOD mostly worked in the background, but the user interface was not loaded.



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