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Category - Mods for Cities: Skylines
Mod version:2.30.0
Game version:All
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About This Mod

As of January 25, 2022, this mod is compatible with "Airport DLC" and the accompanying patch for the base game.

This is a modified and improved version of the "81 tiles" fashion.

If you saved the game after Sunset Harbor, but before the official update of this mod, and your save is corrupted, use the Save Recovery Mode in the mod settings.

Quick overview.

Important considerations.

This MOD increases the number of unlockable and under construction areas from 25 in the vanilla version to 81 (the entire map).

You can also unlock all 81 tiles at a time:

As in the original, this mod provides a cheat that allows you to unlock all 81 tiles at any time (available in the fashion options).

Fixed compatibility with C:S 1.2+.

Saves from earlier versions must also be compatible.

Saved games may not load without this mod.

Known incompatibilities.

All tiles start.

Older versions of 81 tiles

Several issues related to More Vehicles incompatibility have been reported.


When a level is loaded, the terrain is distorted for a few seconds.

After exiting and restarting the main menu or loading from the pause menu to another environment, the loading freezes (i.e. you cannot reboot after exiting the main menu).

A tsunami is generated if the dam is placed outside the 25-degree zone.

Columns modified with No Pillars or Network Skin are dropped outside the 25-thyly zone.

Disasters and evacuations do not work outside the 25-liter zone.

This modifier will not work without Harmony/Harmony version 2.2-0.

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