ItemRack for WoW 3.3.5

Category - Equipment and bags
Mod version:1
Game version:3.3.5
The mod has been successfully tested for the absence of viruses

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About This Mod

With ItemRack 3.3.5, you can quickly change your outfits using your kit. You can change costume sets using macros, buttons on panels and icons on mini-trolleys.

How to create a set using ItemRack:

  • Click PKM on minicart
  • Select a slot, give the set a name and an icon. Save

How To Change Kits:

  • Click on the thumbnail icon and select a set
  • Using Mouseover and the designated button (Mouseover)
  • Using the /itemrack equip SET macro, where SET is the name of your kit
  • In scripting and macros using EquipSet ("SetName")

ItemRack addon commands:

  • /itemrack - list of commands
  • /itemrack opt - open GUI options
  • /itemrack equip setname - dresses the specified set of items
  • /itemrack reset - reset buttons
  • /itemrack reset everything - delete all parameters, sets and events
  • /itemrack lock/unlock - block addon button
  • /itemrack toggle set name[, second set name] - switch between 2 sets

Macro commands:

  • EquipSet("SET") equips "SET"
  • UnequipSet("SET") unequips "SET"
  • ToggleSet("SET") toggles (equips then unequips) "SET"
  • IsSetEquipped("SET") returns true if "SET" is equipped

Drawing conclusions I note, ItemRack for 3.3.5 will make your life much easier in changing your gear.

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