WoT Tweaker Plus and Jove light textures

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About This Mod

Users with weak computers have to fight to improve the FPS. In this difficult situation, it is very useful to disable various special effects, such as: smoke, destruction of tanks, cloud mapping, birds, shooting effects and so on. However, it is not possible to disable these effects in the game. For this reason, we developed the WoT Tweaker Plus program, which provides lightweight textures with 50%, 75%, 88%, 94% or 97% compression. This utility is available for World of Tanks version

The program can also be safely called WOT Tweaker for Jove, as it is a modification package specially developed for Jove The main difference from the old version of WOT Tweaker for World of Tanks is that it does not require installation. Simply run it, specify the path to the game, uncheck unnecessary effects and compress textures if necessary.

In addition, the program has a special feature that turns off crayfish, vegetables and cones for friendly teams. Be sure to turn it on.

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