Mod "Starry Sky" for World of Tanks

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About This Mod

Many tankers have heard of the "Black Sky" fashion, which positively affects the FPS. Recently we found a similar fashion for World of Tanks version called "Starry Sky". It replaces the sky on all maps with a starry sky. It looks different and adds a variety to the game. If you love fiction and space fashion, you'll love it. We recommend that you install it together with World of Tanks Visibility Range Extension MOD for all cards.

In the latest update, the mode has undergone significant changes. The sky was removed from the New Year's hangar to make it more comfortable. The stars are smaller and more numerous; the impact on the FPS is completely eliminated. On some systems, the FPS increases, in one case, by 20 FPS. So if you have a weak computer, this mod will not only add aesthetic appeal, but also improve the gameplay.

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