Esthete skins from Sergei Yemets for World of Tanks

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About This Mod

There are more than 360 different types of vehicles in World of Tanks today, and all of these tanks will come into battle. Most tanks have piercing zones, which are located in different places depending on the type and model of the tank. To make it easier for you to maneuver in this situation, the creators of fashion have created an aesthetic skin for World of Tanks With this skin you can forget about endless impenetrations and ricocheting bullets.

Unlike other piercing zones, the aesthetic tank piercing zone does not take up much space on your tank and does not spoil its appearance. After all, many tank crews refuse to wear armor-piercing skins because they don’t want their tanks to look like painted boxes. In the armor-piercing bullet skin, all the vulnerable areas are simply outlined with colored contours that do not distract from the appearance of the tank.

  • More conveniently, an icon is added to the contour of the armor-piercing bullet to indicate the location of the crew. As a result, by installing these skins of penetration, you will be able not only to successfully knock down enemy tanks, but also to frustrate their inhabitants without problems. In our opinion, this is one of the best contour penetration options for WOT. The archive contains skins for vulnerable tank areas from level 4 to 10. This is one of the largest packs of skins for punching zones.

    Red is the most perforated place;
  • Purple - outlines of ammunition.
  • Green - engine contours.
  • Blue - fuel tank contours

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