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About This Mod

In Tribes is a cool game, you can build fortresses, raid, fight on the global map and get nice bonuses. But for your clan to succeed, you need to recruit good players. To do this, recruiters send messages to the clans about recruiting good players. To do this, you need to copy and paste the message into the chat. Doing this for every fight can become a bit tiring.

Therefore, in order to automate the recruitment process, we developed the Recruiter Mod mod for World of Tanks version With it, you can forget about inserting and sending clan advertising messages forever. All this for you will make the MOD in automatic mode. At the specified time, a message will automatically appear in the chat with the terms of recruitment to your clan.

Set up fashion recruiter:

  1. Open the World_Of_Tanks\mods\configs\ekspoint\mod_recruiter.json file using the Notepad++ editor
  2. Change the text placed in "" after the word "Messages" to one that meets the requirements of your clan
  3. The mode is turned on/off when you press N+B

The mod configuration file must be edited exclusively with Notepad++ otherwise the mod will not work!!!

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