SafeShot - Prohibition of random shooting at corpses and friendly fire -

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About This Mod

SafeShot for World of Tanks (SafeShot for World of Tanks - modifier, prohibiting accidental shooting at corpses and allies. A very useful modifier that saves you from shooting at destroyed tanks. For example, if you shoot an enemy that is not alone, it will go away and allow you to fire on tanks that have already been killed, instead of KD, while you are already continuously clicking on the buttons. With this modifier this will not happen anymore. This modifier will also help protect your account from strangers who will shoot at your children or allies.

Here are three variants of this modifier for your convenience:

Do not fire on allies or stuffed tanks.

Do not fire only on stuffed tanks.

Don't shoot only allies.

To change your mod settings, edit this file:

  • WOT\mods\configs\protanki\safeShot.json
  • WOT\mods\configs\ekspoint\mod_safeShot_extended.json

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