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About This Mod

Zoom was introduced a few years ago, and during this time, it has become almost the most necessary in the game. In the end, we will all agree that raising the camera to the level of bird flight in arcade mode is very useful for monitoring the movements of the enemy. Or increase the sniper's sight to get as close to the enemy as possible, say, 25x, 30x, or even 60x.

So far, we have used either three different modifiers provided by koshnaranek (Zoom, ZoomX and ZoomIndikator), or the P-Mod, which contains a number of positive points in addition to this. It's definitely useful, but no one wants to include extra things. Therefore, we decided to create an extended scale model for the Kriegstreiber and World of Tanks This model contains only those modifiers that are necessary for aiming and hitting opponents.

The following features are available:

Zoom Mode - arcade camera upload (enabled)

Sniper Zoom - increase the sniper sight to the maximum increase x60, default x45 (on)

Show zoom in sniper sight (off)

Force zoom after exiting the sniper sight (off)

No Scrolling - Scrolling wheel does not allow changing sight (off)

Turn off Eclipse on Sniper Sight (on)

Adjust increase after tank destruction (on)

All this is part of one mod and has a convenient settings file, which can be found here: 


Open with NotePad++.

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