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About This Mod

In version, we released the "Simple Damage Counter Running Without XVM" modifier, which adds a damage log, but cannot be configured to display damage in the same way as XVM. This option was inadequate and a little uncomfortable. So I had an idea to create a new mod that supports customizing the output of damage information in html-format.

The result is the Extended Hit Log Module module for WOT (without XVM), which allows you to configure the counters to your liking. You can change colors and symbols of all lines, insert images, change fonts and sizes. In short, you can customize the counters to your liking.

The Hit History window is divided into two parts: the mini-panel and the extended panel. The mini-panel shows total damage, last damage, and number of hits. The expanded panel displays a list of all hits. Each panel can be switched on/off or on/off only by pressing a hotkey.

In addition, the mod can perfectly display a list of damage inflicted on enemy equipment, as well as displays the image of the tank knocked out as an icon. In addition, if your shot kills an enemy, a visible skull is displayed at the end of the log. In general, the module turned out to be excellent and is the first hit log that supports html in the settings.

Fashion Settings:

The log hit configuration file is located at this path:


You only need to edit it using NotePad++.

To move the log to another location, hold down the left CTRL and drag it to the desired location.

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