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About This Mod

For example, a smart XVM mini-card and a boot timer. This is due to the fact that it is very useful to instantly recognize the damage caused in battle. Until this is implemented, there are several modifiers that add damage counters to the game:

XVM modifier for WOT 

A simple damage counter that works without XVM in version

This is the second option described here. After all, the first option may not be suitable for everyone except the mod for the damage counter, as it installs other packages, such as a smart mini-card, indicators, equipment and other modifier buds, which, although they can be disabled, will still cause a small fall in the FPS. And why put yourself in a position where you don't use the necessary mods, if they can be installed separately?

Not using XVM damage counters will not affect your FPS, and installing them will not cause unnecessary modifications. In some damage log variants, a negative number (-1285) is the average damage of the current tanks on the server, which is used to calculate the level of effectiveness in battle and is visible immediately. This indicator is displayed in four ways: 

The first option displays a detailed log of the hits when you press the ALT key. For those who prefer simplicity, there is also a very simple damage log that only shows the total amount of damage done per battle:
If you have a weak PC or don't like XVM MOD, but want to use damage counters in your game, be sure to install this MOD.

New damage counter for WOT

In addition to the damage, it displays the enemies defeated and the number of strikes on them. It looks simple and elegant, does not affect FPS and is compatible with other mods.

It is located in the upper left corner and has a good configuration file with which you can customize it yourself: change the color of the text, completely change the output message, etc.

Fashion Settings:

You can find the mod configuration file here: world_of_tanks.

Now it is a separate mod, which can be downloaded at the following link - WOT version Advanced Hit Log (without XVM).

Damage dealt and blocked damage

Not long ago we added damage and block counts. However, after reading your comments, we decided to bring them back and save them in each update. Damage inflicted and blocked by the player is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen above the ear. It looks like this.

Customizes the mod here: WOT\res_mods\configs\DamageLog\.
  • Blocked.cfg - responsible for displaying blocked damage;
  • Damaged.cfg - responsible for displaying the damage inflicted;

If you don't see the damage counter after installing the mode, do you want to change its position?

  1. Open WOT\res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods\MultiHitLog\ZMHL_MOJ.json.
  2. Look for the line "WindowKeyList":[ and then {"xAlign": "Normal", "x": 220 are X coordinates, a little further in the same line "yAlign": "Normal", "y": 9, are Y coordinates. There may be several such lines with coordinates. 
  3. Change them as you want and save your changes.
  4. Go to the game first.  

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