Artillery log module - records damage caused by WOT artillery.

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About This Mod

Ninety-nine percent of the players in the game hate art because they throw their famous heavy baggage, give everyone a whiff, and don't give a normal game experience. In order to understand the damage (pain) caused by artillery in combat and explain "what's what" in chat, we developed the Artillery Log module - Artillery Damage Log for WOT version

This module allows you to see how much damage the gun has taken over a period of time. Once set, the mod will immediately start recording statistics, and the indicator will not reset even if you quit the game. You can see how much damage artillery has done to you in a week, month or year :). The module belongs to the Utility Add-ons category and is presented below.

As seen in the image above, the following information is displayed

The date when you started collecting statistics (the default is the MOD installation date);

The number of hits on you in battle;

The amount and percentage of damage inflicted by the cannon;

By default, the MOD only works in random battles, so in other important battles, no extra information will appear on the screen.

You can find the mod configuration file at this path:


The quantity and output information is configured in this section:

"message": {
        // Currently macros: {{date}}
        // message header
        "header": " Art Damage (counting from {{date}})",
        // Currently macros: {{hits}}, {{damage}}, {{battles}}, {{ratio}}
        // message body
        "body": " Received {{hits}} hits in {{battles}} fights.
Total damage from art: {{damage}} ({{ratio}}%)" },

Statistics can be reset (clearing the module cache) by pressing F10.

You can use the mouse to change the MOD position, but currently it is only kept for one fight, so if you want to move it to a different location so it won't be reset, manually enter the coordinates in the configuration file. The author will correct this minor defect in the future.

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