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About This Mod

Improving the crew can be a very long and time-consuming process. To make this process more interesting and understand how long it will take you to upgrade your skills to 100% or +1% in battle, the Moddelom spotter wrote a file for the WOT version of "Mod Crew - Extended Tanker Personnel". File written. Once this file is installed in the hangar, the Crew Ear and Tanker Personnel files will display information about the skill and remaining experience until the skill is increased by 1% to 100%.

After the crew module is installed, the following information will be added to the tank driver's personal file

Combat Experience Section

The number of battles in which the tanker participated

Average experience per fight 

The total amount of experience gained by a tank pilot in all battles

Number of skills currently being studied (1, 2, 3, etc.)

Learning section

The highlighted message shows the amount of experience and the number of battles required to increase the tank player's skill by 1%.

Unallocated information - how long is it left before the skill is fully developed.

In addition to the personal matter, the same information is subtly displayed to the ears of the crew. If the mouse cursor is not over a member of the crew, the number of battles and experience required to increase the skill by 1% is displayed. When the mouse is over a member of the crew, the number of battles and the amount of experience required to improve the skill by 100% is displayed.

A value of [1-335] means that the tank driver needs to score 335 experience points to increase the skill by 1%, for which he needs to spend one fight.

The value [313] respectively means that the tank driver needs to score 204,000 experience points in order to fully master the skill, for which he needs to spend 313 fights.

Beginning with MOD 3.0, the data on the paratrooper is exported directly to the barracks. Thus, a tank gunner can see what privileges and skills he gained in the barracks and how many battles and experiences he has left until full mastery of skills.

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