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About This Mod

You are probably already familiar with the HP Command - Total Strength Indicator Tank WOT add-on module and you no longer need to explain all the advantages and benefits of this module. So I just want to introduce you to another version of it - the new Account Panel C Indicator Total HP Command command for World of Tanks In addition to the "HP Indicator" command, this version added and modified an account panel created specifically for this patch.

It completely replaces the standard account panel, making it the most informative and useful when evaluating what is happening on the battlefield. Team XP is displayed as two stripes, which decrease as each team's tank strength decreases. To make the panel more informative, numeric symbols were added to the XP tanks.

For minimalist enthusiasts, we also added another panel without a background. Perhaps it will suit others. This is an in-game dashboard.

New version of the panel.

Especially for this update we have developed a brand new account panel. This panel shows not only the total strength and the main strength of your team, but also the damage you have done. You can now see the damage you've done without having to install HWM.

In addition to damage, you can also see the penetration and the percentage of damage. In the latest version added a panel to display XP all tanks, which is shown below.

- Press CTRL to see XP of other tanks.

Full MOD functionality:

- Automatically checks for MOD updates for the current version. (Cannot Disable) Close the window if you do not want to refresh.

IMPORTANT: This option is disabled by default; you can enable it using the string "showRemainHalth": false in the MOD configuration file. To enable this option, change false to true, save your changes, and reload the game.

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