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About This Mod

MOD has developed a popular modifier that tracks damage done and sustained. For modern tank crews, this fashion is simply irreplaceable. However, there is another type of damage in the game for which you have not yet created a mod to calculate this damage. This type of damage is called blocking. And the amount of armor that increases blocking damage is known as tanking.

The Armour Armour - Tank Damage Calculator module for WOT will help you determine the approximate amount of damage taken during battle. Now you don't have to wait until the end of the battle to find out how much damage you've sustained.

The above chart shows that you have not been hit 11 times (#11) and that you have sustained 6430 damage. However, remember that this model gives only approximate results and may be slightly different from what you see in the statistics of the results of the battle.

Tank Damage: 2456 was added in response to numerous requests. This module shows your tank damage without any additional information.

Option from PRO Tanki:

Option from Ekspoint:

We're excited to introduce you to an improved version of the ProTanki damage counter. This counter counts all the damage you've done and additionally shows if you've received the Steel Wall achievement. Blocked damage is displayed as a positive number in the upper right corner and is added to the total amount of blocked damage. The counter is displayed in gray until you receive the Steel Wall Medal, and when you have dealt enough damage, it changes to colored. It looks very beautiful.

Configuring the module from Ekspoint.

You can customize the MOD to your liking by changing the wording of the damage lock message, as well as the color, font, and position of the text. All of this can be done in the configuration file:


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