Mod for flashing the enemy in the ears without XVM for WOT

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About This Mod

Some tank players don't want to use XVM because they don't like it or don't want to install a lot of extra features that they don't want. Currently, more and more mods that are part of XVM are divided into separate, independent from each other. On our website WotSite.Net you can find mods that have replaced some of the features of orenemer:

Personal assessment of a player's combat without an XVM

Simple damage counters without XVM.

We are pleased to present you a magnificent and useful mod called "Opponent's ears without XVM for WOT". We are sure that many players with weak computers dreamed of being able to install ear markers without XVM. Now that it's a reality, you can download and install Enemy Ear Flares without compromising your FPS!

This MOD displays enemy lights on your team's ears in four variations:

Circle (large point)

Big circle (letter "O"),

Small ring (letter "O"),

Asterisk (symbol "*").

The ear markers of the queue glow in color:

green - the enemy is glowing

red - the enemy is not yet illuminated

Purple - Enemy blinded;

All colors can be changed in the configuration file;

This mod allows the use of an alternative smart mini card World of Tanks from Locastan, as well as the display of the name of the tank and the indicator of the glow of the ears, completely replacing the XVM.

Improved version of fashion from Polar Fox.

The latest update adds an improved version of Earshot MOD mod from Polar Fox with support for user output in html-format. Now you can select your own image to display enemy ears and place it at your own discretion. This option is as close as possible to the appearance of the XVM ear shells.

Fashion Settings:

The enhanced mode is configured in this way:


It will be easy to understand its content, there are Russian comments for each item of settings. 

Option from Ekspoint:


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