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About This Mod

WOT WOT "Extended Shadow Curtain Information in Combat" is an addition to the "Sixth Sense" lamp that provides the most complete information on shadow curtain maintenance. At this stage, the following options are available:

The screen displays "Not yet lit", "May be off", "X light" and "{time} seconds remaining";

Hold down the left CTRL key, drag the text box to change, disable or move each line to any position on the screen (it is recommended to adjust the mode during playback, as each line should be moved to the appropriate position individually);

Automatically activate and display the timer. Counts down to 10 seconds after the searchlight enters or leaves the X-ray area (50 meters);

Pressing the hotkey (B by default) activates the timer for 10 seconds;

Customize all text output to support html format;

Pressing CTRL + B automatically displays the message "Lights On" in the chat window.

Of course, you can also set the mod "Extended Bulb Time" for 10 seconds, but it will not notify you of X-ray glow, will not display a timer or additional inscriptions. However, the Extended Mod for Sixth Sense Bulbs mod can also output a timer. Yes, but he still does not have all the capabilities of this fashion. Here is an example of the main differences from other similar products.

Another very cool feature of this fashion is that it expands information about light in battle and triggers a 10-second timer using a hotkey. For example, if you've been X-rayed, you're away from your enemies, you've hidden yourself in a safe place, press B, and the 10-second timer turns on. Once the timer is turned off, you will be able to ride safely with 100 percent confidence that you will not have to worry about being lit by the light bulb until the next light is lit. In addition, this mode turns on the 10-second timer again when you leave the 50-meter illumination zone. There are no other similar functions at this time.

This mode is related to the sixth sense, without which it can only detect illumination with X-rays. Thus, without a sixth sense, it can detect light only at a distance of 50 meters.

Fashion Settings:

The configuration file can be found here: \World_of_Tanks\mods\configs\ekspoint\mod_xRay_light.json

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