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About This Mod The Combat Chat Notification modifier allows you to automatically warn you in the chat about the fact that you are in the blind zone. Why do you need this modifier, you ask. It may not be useful in casual battles where everyone fights for themselves, but it is very useful in serf, command or company battles. In the journey you can often see fireflies in the bushes, they shine to us, but we do not see them. With this modifier, each team member will know what to beware of, and the modifier will automatically notify allies without having to use voice or manually enter information.

Maud automatically sends a message to the chat "You were noticed in [specify a square]", followed immediately by "Need help".

IMPORTANT By default, the mod displays a spotlight notification after destroying 10 or more allies.

This is to ensure that the chat is not constantly full, as chat trap messages will not stop if all players will use the MOD. The number of allies activated by this module can be increased in the configuration file. If you find the module useless, you can deactivate it with F11; when the module is turned off, it will display the message "Lights Out Message Disabled!". Message. Message.

The new version of MOD also displays the message "10 seconds elapsed" on the mini-map when 10 seconds have passed since the lights were turned on. The light may not burn anymore. Journey to Damaika!". Display. You can change the message and display time in the configuration file. In addition, if a whirlwind chat is found, the lighting information will be sent to the chat while the platoon has allies.

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