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About This Mod

Sorry to wait. As promised, we have finished creating fashion for WOT, allowing analysis of tank armor directly in the hangar. With it you can check tank armor right in the hangar. This mod is very useful for veteran players as well as for beginners who have just reached level 5 and above. After all, tanks have started to show their armor and you need to think and know where to shoot in order to break through enemy tanks.

With the release and spread of fashion, we expect that the level of players will grow. After all, they will learn how to punch tanks better with the help of fashion that shows their armor in the hangar. The essence of fashion is the following: fashion will help players learn how to punch tanks and shoot at them. Hovering the cursor on the tank, you will see a window with information about the thickness of the armor at a particular point. It is very important to sum up all the armor of the tank, as well as to consider the angle at which the projectile hits the armor, the so-called reduced armor. You can set this angle yourself by turning the camera around the tank. The video explains in detail how to use the modifier.

The installation of tank armor directly in the MOD hangar is available in the ProTanki multipack. This is due to the fact that not everyone wants to install a mod pack for one fashion. In addition, this material will not be useful to those who are already using it.

If you want to take full advantage of this mod, we recommend installing it along with the "ShowVehicle - View Tanks" mod. After all, not all armor is in your hangar with the tanks you want to view.

How to use fashion:

  1. Enable the machine preview in the carousel or in the research tree.
  2. Select the Booking tab.

Below is an example of enabling an IS-6 tank booking view with a carousel

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