Changed the display of WOT percentage symbols for weapons in battle

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About This Mod

This is a mod for World of Tanks version, which shows the percentage of gun signs in battle. It is useful for many players to have a general idea of the likely outcome of a battle, showing the current value of the weapon's marks and the probable value predicted by the formula. Highlight players who can fight and let everyone know that allies should fight alongside them and enemies should stay alert? It's simple. You only need to enter a unique token.

For example, in the World of Tanks update, a "notch" or mark appeared on the barrel of the gun indicating that the player can do a lot on the battlefield. To receive this mark, the player had to achieve a certain level of success in shooting tanks, self-propelled guns and cannons. However, this is difficult. Do you know how many enemies you need to destroy and damage to see the long-awaited emblem?

With this cool fashion, players entering the battle will see the following image. At the bottom of the list of allied teams you will see an indicator typed in a rather large font, which shows the number that you want to dial. The counter percentage corresponds to the outcome of the battle. If everything goes well, the numbers will turn green, allowing you to just move on. But the numbers may turn red, too. And again, everything is clear. If the lights go out, there will be no luck in this battle.

Now you can even drag the panel in the hangar to any position convenient for you.

Configuration here: .. \ mods \ configs \ promod \ hangarMarks.json

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