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Mod version:1,0
Game version:1
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About This Mod

This mod increases immersion in the game by adding needs such as hunger, thirst, fatigue, visits to the toilet, and so on... This mode makes the gameplay as interesting and enjoyable as possible, without disrupting the gameplay and the pumping system of the character. However, depending on your level of pumping the character changes and the level of influence of needs on the character.


As mentioned earlier, there are 5 types of needs: Hunger, thirst, fatigue and 2 types of toilet needs.

Each of the needs works differently, i.e. affect the different characteristics of the character and the speed of increase of these needs for the character is also different, and therefore, the need to meet these needs in different ways.

The first three needs start with 0%, which means that at 0% Herald is absolutely full, rested and so on... And it increases by 1%

Urination has 10 levels, and defecation has 20 levels. The level of defecation increases faster than urination.

— Hunger -

Hunger is rising at an average rate. Fatigue has a huge impact on hunger and vice versa:

-the higher the level of fatigue, the faster the hunger scale rises

-if you have reached a critical level, then the fatigue will slowly increase

-If the character's needs are fully filled, the adrenaline level will slowly decrease and the hunger level will slowly increase.

-The higher the adrenaline and toxicity levels, the slower the hunger scale increases, but the more benefit will be if you drink a potion, which will help to be more aggressive in battle.

- Meals reduce hunger

-Added custom animation for food interaction

-The level of hunger satisfaction depends on the quality of the products

-Some drinks, such as milk, also reduce hunger levels, but not by much

— Thirst -

-thirst level rises as fast as it falls (satiates by drinking)

-thirst level is related to endurance.

The more thirsty the less stamina the more thirsty the power

If the thirst is completely quenched, the level of endurance is fully restored.

-toxicity level also significantly reduces the increase in thirst

-during battle thirst level will rise slightly faster

-any type of drink quenches thirst

-added custom drinking animations

"some foods also reduce thirst slightly

— Fatigue -

-Fatigue is the slowest to rise

- some statuses affect the level of fatigue, others do not

-the level of fatigue also affects the load of the character with any load, the more Herald drags on himself, the faster fatigue accumulates

- Fatigue level is directly related to the combat system

-when you reach a certain level of fatigue, you will not be able to perform certain actions such as: running, dodging, block, rolling, even in the last stage, and in the last stage of fatigue is impossible even running

-for full filling of the need or its complete exhaustion will take from 6 to 8 hours, you can fill up with rest and meditation

-the level of fatigue also affects the character (on his combat system) if he overeats or drinks, so watch what you eat and drink

-when overeating and binge, Geralda can vomit (not initially included)

- when reaching a critical level of fatigue (100%), Herald will not be able to continue any activities, but will simply lie or sleep for several hours, restoring energy

—Urination —

-this is one of the needs to be carefully monitored

-has 10 levels

-increases only when drinking

-if you drink, it will grow faster

-added urination animation (can be disabled)

-urinating in public is considered unacceptable and guards can attack you if they see

-you can write manually only when the level is half full, the process can be interrupted by F10

-if the level reaches a critical level, the process occurs automatically and it can not be interrupted, regardless of where you are, so it is worth monitoring the level of urination

- displayed in HUD as yellow bar


-has 20 levels (slower recoveries)

- The level rises when people eat

-when overeating grows faster (can be changed)

- defecation in public is considered unacceptable and guards may attack you if they see

-same rules for manual and automatic deflooration (F 11)

- displayed in HUD as brown bar

—General Settings—

-All settings can be enabled or disabled

-during rapid movement, rollers and in any other case when you do not control your character's needs to grow as well (in moderate volume). You can change it in Settings

-meditation significantly slows down the rise of hunger, thirst and fatigue (10 times-adjustable)

-all positive and negative needs effects are evaluated according to the level of need ( e.g., a level of 80% for thirst affects the character less than hunger or cheerfulness, for example)


-Expiration date-

The food is that thing. In general, its shelf life is now from 3 to 5 days. There is food with a longer shelf life, as well as spoiled food. When the meal ends, it is automatically removed from the inventory. The food is now automatically allocated according to the expiration date. When a product expires, you can see the tooltip next to the price. Some types of products do not have an expiration date: water, wine, honey, alcohol and similar. You can keep your food in a hiding place and the expiration date will be suspended.


—Changing the role of food—

Now food is not the best treatment; now it works in seconds, and the effect lasts longer. Now you can't find food anywhere. The action takes place in wartime, which means everyone is trying to save as much as possible. Even if they can find something, it will be rotten and inedible. Herald is not a thief, so he can't steal from someone. You can hunt and get meat, buy in the store or at the merchant.

-Real-time meditation-



- this mode has its own window, where you can see a particular need. It is actually a redesigned Conrols module.

In this window, the color of the need will change depending on the level of fulfillment of the need, and is also represented in a percentage ratio.

-if the level is in the green zone, everything is fine and there is no need to fill it

- if the level is in the yellow zone - so there is little cause for concern, but nothing terrible, at this stage it is necessary to fill the need, the level of reduction of this or that level will slightly increase.

-if the level reaches the red zone, the consequences are felt, and therefore, you need to replenish the need as quickly as possible.

Near % there is a figure of speed, a normal indicator of the rate of reduction of a particular need 1. The speed is also distributed by colors, as well as higher.

The HUD menu is also changeable, you can change the mapping of buttons and needs (on) , F12 key.


The mod has its own menu, where you can customize all the options to your liking. All settings are customizable, from animation mode to HUD. Everything for a better immersion in the gameplay.


There are 10 animations. Each animation can be turned on or off. Some animations can be continuous, which is worth being careful with. Be careful when drinking potions in battle, to avoid bugs it is worth a little waiting before entering the battle.

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